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 The Back Story

This song was written in about 20 minutes just before I was to sing for a group of homeless folks who were spending the night at my church as part of the Room in the Inn ministry program.  I was alone in a room rehearsing the songs I had planned to sing for them when God had something else in mind and gave me this song. It was like taking dictation. I conveyed His message to our guests almost immediately after writing it all down and was trembling as I sang it.  It's the closest thing I have ever felt to having God actually speak to me.  Truly an  amazing experience.   Seven years later, “Your Love” became my first major label cut recorded by David Phelps.  

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Release Review

The final track on the album, “Your Love,” is a dream come true for a fledgling songwriter.   “About seven years ago, this guy came up to my wife in a grocery store parking lot here in the Nashville area and handed her a cassette of this song and said, ‘I wrote this song a while ago and I think your husband would sound great on it,” recalls Phelps. “So she took the cassette and brought it home, and I have hung onto this song for seven years. It has come up at every project that we have done in the past seven years as a possibility but has never fit. Once again I brought it up and everybody just fell in love with it, so I finally get to record this song. It’s an amazing prayer, really a classic kind of song.”